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Leverage Predicio's location-based insights to enhance your marketing communication and obtain the highest returns on your advertising spend.

Increase media ROI by 35%
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Leverage the right data

Monitor your target audience to get a better understanding of your consumer's journey in the real world

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Enhanced targeting

Use high quality audience segments to reach receptive consumers and enhance ad personalization efforts

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Measurable results & insights

Measure the uplift in foot traffic your campaign is producing and obtain deep insights on consumers' shopping behavior to anticipate future trends

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Location-based audiences

POI-based visitation delivered directly to your server for proximity marketing

  • Geotargeting: leverage syndicated or custom audiences to push to your DSPs and target consumers anywhere at any time
  • Geofencing: analyse consumer behavior patterns and trends related to a point of interest
  • Geo-conquesting: observe competitors' store locations and target desirable consumer profiles 


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Footfall measurement

Measure exposed audiences to your control group to demonstrate your campaign's successes

  • Insights on POI visitation: dwell time, frequency of visits, amount of unique visits, visit patterns, brand affiliations, distance traveled, and more...
  • Obtain exclusive insights on competitor visitation to see who of your customers have visited your stores as well as your competitor's stores
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User Journey

Understand how your most loyal consumers behave in the real world

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark your store performance and adjust your strategy for the highest returns 



Foot traffic analytics

Measure your store's foot traffic and understand where your most loyal customers are coming from

Audience segmentation

Analyze geographic and behavioral data to understand mobile user attributes and brand affinities that best fit your campaigns

Store visit lift

Measure the effectiveness of your drive-to-store campaigns on the POI level

POI visitation

Obtain insights for visitor count, frequency, and dwell time

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Precise & Accurate Data

The most precise datasets available

Highly representative user journeys

GPS technology accuracy level of 14 meters or below 

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First Party Data

Sourced directly from mobile apps

Direct SDK integrations

With exclusive usage of user opt-in data only

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